This Man, Who Was Born With Three Legs, Was a Mystery to the Public for 77 Years

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By the way, according to natural rules, every human being is the same. An Italian had three legs, not two. This man was born in 1889 in Sicily and has spent his whole life with three legs.

Strange artefacts may be found all throughout the world, including the United States. Have you ever seen a man with three legs?

This surprising truth is undeniable. On the Italian island of Sicily in 1889, a man with three legs was born. Everybody was shocked when they saw this person.

As a matter of fact, nature has made each and every human being as similar as possible. With the exception of physical characteristics such as height and weight, virtually everyone on the planet has the same same appearance.

People’s physical structures, on the other hand, may be startling. As an example, a guy in Italy was born with three legs instead of two, and he lived 77 years with this unique form.

Francesco Frank Lentini was born in Sicily, Italy, on May 18, 1889. He was the sixth kid in a family of twelve. You may be surprised to learn that Frank Lentini has three legs and two private parts.

His fourth leg protruded at the knee of his third leg. That leg, on the other hand, wasn’t quite ready yet.


He had his third leg since it was so near to his spine.

Due to a medical issue, half of the twins were linked to Frank Lentini’s body. A “half child” was attached to his spine. Frank Lentini was informed that if his extra organs were removed, he would be paralysed and crippled for the rest of his life.

Frank Lentini had no option but to spend the remainder of his life with just three legs since his third leg was situated so close to his spine.


Frank Lentini met Vincenzo Magnano, the owner of a circus, when he was 12 years old. Frank Lentini was encouraged to join the circus by him. Frank quickly rose to the top of the circus audience’s favourites list.

Despite having just three legs, he was very agile. He used to kick football with his third leg, which was extremely popular with the crowd. From Italy to America, he worked in a variety of circus performances.

‘Three Legged Football Player’ was the name of his show. Frank Lentini died on September 21, 1966, in Tennessee, at the age of 77.


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